When Should You Visit Dentist Orem

dentist orem


Regular Checkup.

You might be wondering, when is the right time to visit the dentist? Dentist orem recommends that you should be visiting your dentist every six months. When you come in for a regular check-up this helps you keep up with keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. When coming in for a checkup you will get a cleaning and X-rays done. The cleaning and x-ray are considered preventive care. Preventive care helps to prevent serious medical problems before they become a major problem. 

Pain Or Swelling. 

You should always go to your dentist right away if you are having serious pain in your mouth. This includes tooth pain or swelling. If you’ve had a toothache before you know how painful it can be. Sharp tooth pain is a sign of a deeper problem and can get worse if left untreated. If you have any swelling in your cheeks or gums, it is likely a sign of infection and will require treatment from the dentist.  

Injury In The Mouth.

Go to your dentist right away if you have an injury in your mouth. An injury can include a broken jaw or a chipped tooth. Trauma to the teeth can often cause damage to the root. So it is important to see your dentist right away. 

Sensitivity To Cold Drinks

Sometimes people naturally have sensitive tooth and that can be treated with toothpaste for sensitive teeth, but if your sensitivity is very strong and happens very often you should visit your dentist. Sensitivity in the teeth can mean you might have a cavity. If cavities are not treated as soon as possible it could lead to even more damage. 

Headaches From Grinding Teeth

If you wake up in the morning with a headache or a sore mouth and you notice that you are grinding your teeth then you should see your dentist right away. This might mean you have issues with your temporomandibular joints. The dentist can help you with this by showing you some exercises or they might even give you a device you can at night that will prevent you from grinding your teeth.

White Spots On Your Teeth.

If you notice white spots on your teeth or gums this might be the first signs of decay. Catching it early can help prevent cavities and other further damage. White spots on your gums can be a sign of infection. People who might have this infection might not experience any pain but they could notice a pimple on their gums.

Check with your dentist to make sure your mouth is healthy, if you don’t have a regular dentist that you go to, check out your local dentist in orem and schedule your appointment. Going to the dentist is very important for your health. If you are worried about the cost of the appointment, many dentists are very affordable and can work with you. A lot of offices offer affordable monthly payments, CareCredit, and many dental insurance companies.