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What is birth control? Birth control is the use of a method or device to prevent pregnancy from happening during sex with your partner. It is also known as pregnancy prevention and fertility control. Birth control methods are designed to prevent the sperm from joining the egg. If you are looking into getting on birth control your local planned parenthood park city nurse will be able to discuss with you about all the different options of birth control and how effective they are. 

Birth Control Implant

The birth control implant is a tiny and thin rod the size of a matchstick. This birth control method releases hormones into your body that will prevent you from getting pregnant. Your nurse or a doctor will insert this birth control into your arm. You will be protected for 5 years unless it is taken out. The birth control implant is 99% effective. 


The IUD birth control is a small device that is placed inside your uterus. This birth control is very long-term and can protect you from pregnancy up to 7-12 years. The IUD is one of the most effective birth control methods. There are 5 different brands of IUDs. Mirena, Kyleena, Paragard, Lilleta, and Skyle. They are all FDA-approved. The IUD method is divided into 2 types: copper IUD and hormonal IUD. 

Depo Shot

The Depo-Provera shot is an injection you can get every 3 months that goes into either your arm or your hip. It is safe and private. This birth control must be repeated every 3 months and on time, if you are late for your shot you will have the risk of getting pregnant. The Depo-Provera shot is 94% effective.

Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring is also known as NuvaRing, it’s a safe and convenient method of birth control if used correctly. The vaginal ring is flexible and is inserted inside your vagina. The vaginal ring works by stopping the sperm from joining with the egg. This birth control method is 91% effective.

Birth Control Pill

The birth control pills are medicine with hormones. This method of birth control comes in a pack and you have to take the pill every day at the same exact time for it to be effective. If you decide to use the pill it is best to carry the pills with you everywhere and set an alarm to remind you to take the pill. The birth control pill is 91% effective if taken every day. 


Condoms are stretchy and thin pouches that the male partner wears on his penis during sex. Condoms aren’t only great for preventing pregnancy but they will also protect you from STDs. They are very easy to use and to get. Condoms are required every time and are 85% effective. There are chances that the condom might break during sex, if that happens you should immediately go to planned parenthood park city for a Plan B. The Plan B pill is also called The Morning After Pill it works best if taken within 3 days.