Tips for a Quick Clean From House Cleaning Nashville Up When You’re Short on Time

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We’ve all had that moment before our friends or guests arrive when we suddenly realize that our house is a complete mess and we don’t have much time to do a deep clean. Well, when this happens, we have two options, we can either panic and get no cleaning done and have to tell the guest “I’m so sorry about the mess” or we can clean up quickly with these tips from house cleaning nashville.

Make A Priority List

You don’t really have to clean the entire house, just space where you know your guests will be. So you’ll need to figure out where and what rooms need attention the most. Your guest will most likely be spending most of the time in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, so you can probably skip the bedrooms. You’ll also want to make sure to close all the doors to the rooms where you don’t want the guest to go in.

Stay Organized

During pressure and short time situations, you won’t have any time to freak out or forget about things, so you’ll want to take time to come up with a game plan. It’s best to write down what rooms you need to take care of and the basic actions you will need to perform in those rooms.

Clean One Room At A Time

Now that you have your game plan figured out, you’ll want to clean each room one at a time and try to not spend more than 10 minutes in each room.


  • Living Room: Look at the whole entire living room, pick up any loose items, like trash, toys, and remotes, and put them away in a drawer. Any dishes that are sitting out should be retired back to the kitchen sink and the trash should be thrown away. You’ll also want to straighten up any item like a book on your coffee table. Also, do a quick wipe down on all the surfaces and vacuum the floor quickly.


  • Kitchen: Next you’ll want to move on to the kitchen. Get all the dishes out of the sink and put them into the dishwasher so they aren’t visible to the guests. Take a rag and some all-purpose cleaner and wipe off all the mess from the counters- any food items should be put back into the fridge or the pantry. After you wipe off the counter make sure you either vacuum or do a quick sweep. Also, take out the trash so it doesn’t smell when the guests come over.


  • Bathroom: Last but not least make sure to also clean up the bathroom. House cleaning Nashville recommends putting away any items that are lying around on the floor or the vanity. Wipe down the mirror and wipe off any toothpaste in the sink. Also, look inside the toilet and scrub anything that might be visible. Empty the trash can and do a quick mopping on the floor. Once you have completed all the cleaning you’ll want to light a fresh scented candle to make sure your home smells fresh.