US Army OCP Uniforms

OCP uniforms have been introduced for the Military and the Air Force, such that latest by June 20, the Air Force will also start wearing the new uniform.

The uniform of Army, the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) was worn by the United States Air Force, Army, and the Space Force. In 2004, BDU, a Battle Dress Uniform, was unveiled, and DCU, a Desert Camouflage Uniform, was worn from 1980 to mid-200s. This uniform blend well, but in the combat zone suffered a few setbacks.

There were a lot of debates regarding the dress, and then it resolved to OCP, Universal Camouflage Pattern. This had the soldiers wearing the OCP uniforms, Operational Camouflage Pattern.

OCP selection

The selection of UCP was made in 2004, and it cost $5 billion to develop. In the year 2010, the Army was sent to Afghanistan in a camouflage uniform. This was found to be the right choice, and the hunt settled as the UCP replacement.

OCP was selected after rigorous testing for five years as the permanent successor of the UCP in 2015. The OCP uniforms were chosen as the comprehensive uniform as it proved to be perfect as camouflage testing is undertaken by the Army. It offered force protection and showed a commitment.

Transition period

During the transition that started in 2015 July, soldiers were allowed to wear a sand-colored T-shirt with UCPs, boots, and belt. However, now, the soldiers are asked to wear the OCP uniforms with belt and T-shirt in Tan 499 with brown coyote boots.

The congress members considered it as wasteful spending and asked the Army to re-dye the old UCP stocks and to give it the new pattern so that they prevent waste. However, nothing helped, and the blue uniform became a joke as it did not camouflage.  Thus, OCP uniforms took to respond, and now, by June 2021, even the Air Force will be wearing the same.